My name is Katie Noel and I love to create. Usually this means designing an ad, magazine spread, wedding invite, or birthday invitation through digital format. And there's nothing quite like seeing your digital designs come to life when printed.  I work full-time as a graphic artist and marketer for a global consumers product company, but also love to design wedding stationary, birthday invites, personal branding, and more when I have the time. 

I've had a yearning to create ever since I could hold a crayon and draw Little Mermaid masterpieces adorned with Lisa Frank stickers that my mom would proudly display on her bedroom door. I still love to draw and paint when I find the time or inspiration. My loving and patient husband constantly inspires me in my creations and I'm always thankful for his honest opinion (although admittedly, its not always the one I want to hear, even though he's usually right).  

As someone who creates, inspiration is key to grow and push myself to try new things and styles. I love to find inspiration in our gracious and glorious God's own creations and I am so thankful for his abundant blessings and hope I can glorify him in some small way through my own designs. Music is also a huge source of inspiration for me. There's rarely a silent moment when creating and I love to share what I've been listening to.

So with that said, welcome to my site. You'll find my designs, things that inspire me, and pieces of life. I love working on new things and meeting new people so if you have something you need created, email me!