Brand • Kaysen Photography

GUYS! I'm so excited. So I worked with my very talented friend Christian Kaysen on rebranding his photography business (Kaysen Photography) and posted a few teaser pics ALL the way back in January. I was waiting for him to take a pictures of all the printed pieces so I could share here. And I waited. And waited. And waited until I finally gave up thinking maybe he deep down didn't love the rebranding as much as he said he did. And then, to my surprise, I was browsing his site today and FOUND THE PICS! He posted them back in April. I'm too excited to see and share them that I don't even care it took me more than half a year to notice. So take a look at how everything came together! Really proud of this set. Of course he can photograph anything and make it look amazing. 

And if you're in need of a photographer, you could do no better than Kaysen Photography. Just take a look at his work and see for yourself. Not to mention it's always a pleasure working with him.