Save the Dates • Karianna & Scott

You know how your friends' younger siblings stay the same age forever? In your mind they are always that cute but pestering little person that always wanted to play the games you were playing, watching whatever you were watching, etc.  But then that moment - that somewhat shocking moment - comes when you realize that they have in fact aged. Gasp. And not only that, but you really weren't that much older than them to begin with. I guess adult life tends to continually bridge the age-gap.


I didn't know Karianna growing up and I only met her brother in high school but she was still a couple years younger than us. So when she - and others in grades younger than us - announced she and her finance were engaged, it was a little bit of that gasp moment - but in the best way. Jon and I were so excited to hear the news and are so happy for this wonderful couple! So I was beyond honored and excited when I was asked to do the save the dates and wedding invites!

Kari knew she liked and wanted a laurel wreath of some sort with their initials inside, and also liked the idea of kraft paper. Her brother, Christian, took their gorgeous engagement pictures on the beach so we incorporated some of the design elements we talked about but decided on a two-sided approach so no writing or design would overlap and interfere with the picture. One of her wedding colors is a coral shade so we used that on the backside with a heart pattern. I always think a backside and pop of color makes invites extra special :)

Congrats Kari & Scott!