Birth Announcement • Lavender & Gold

I have 3 nephews who are each awesome in their individual ways and I love them all! But after 3 boys, you start having the itch to buy tutus and dresses and hair bows. So, you can imagine how excited my entire family was when she arrived. Oh and it was a surprise which made it all the more exciting. Of course the immediate day following her birth I had to go out and buy a lavender blanky, a cute little dress with leggings, and lavender sun glasses. I couldn't help it :) 

It was so fun designing these birth announcements. Finally a different color other than blue! I actually started with the envelope liner paper and went from there. I loved the mint and gold polka dot paper and the lavender seemed to compliment it nicely. Of course I had to use a girly script font and just look at that face! Melts my heart. We love you Sienna!