Wedding • Blush Ombre Watercolor Invites

I posted a sneak peak of these blush ombre watercolor invites a couple weeks ago and I finally got around to printing and taking pictures! I'm obsessed with envelope liners so of course had to include a black and cream chrysanthemum pattern here.

OH and and and I made my own envelope! I didn't have one in the size with the right color I needed so I made one. I know. I'm shocked too. Because even though I consider myself a creative person, crafty is a whole other ball game that I'm not particularly skilled in. I'm like the kid in the outfield picking dandelions without a clue or care in the world, but every once in a while I surprise everyone, including myself, with a decent play. Because I might have to admit that my first run at the cutting and glueing of said envelope, I ended up gluing the wrong sides of the envelope flaps, and then I ended up glueing the open top flap down instead of the bottom one. See? Picking dandelions. Good thing my husband is way more patient and better with glue than I am. He recovered the mess. But I still consider it a team effort. 

This design is coming to the shop soon!