Graduation Announcements

Graduation Announcement: The Beachcomber

Graduation Announcement: The Beachcomber

It's scary to think that when I graduated high school it was almost a DECADE ago. It feels like it was just last week but at the same time fuzzy like a dream. When coming up with designs for graduation announcements I found it amusing and scary and sad that I didn't know what the "youths" these days liked. I mean I'm sure I have a better idea than most who are older than me, but still, to feel that disconnected when in so many ways I feel the same even after all these years is a little surreal. Sure there has been change and growth but I'm still me, you know? 

Anyways, my good friend Christian Kaysen from Kaysen Photography is taking the senior graduation photos this year at our old high school. He's done it in the years past and he says parents often ask about graduation announcements. So I decided to fill that void and come up with some pre-designed templates for those who are interested! Hopefully these are a tad better than the standard ones you can get through the school! 

There are five featured designs, plus studio versions of each. I love the featured ones though because they use "Lifestyle Sessions" photos by Kaysen Photography. These pictures truly capture the spirit of the senior graduating and offers a more personalized glimpse into their lives. But, I wanted to have designs that could feature the typical "studio" photo as well. And instead of recreating new designs for these, I thought why not just adjust the other designs to make it work with a single image? I'm excited the way they all turned out and can't wait to (hopefully) get started on some announcements throughout the year!

You can check out ALL the design and order here