Music Monday: Marina & the Diamonds • "Froot"

It's been awhile since i've done a Music Monday but this one is special because I'm equally featuring it for it's superb design and marketing campaign. Marina and the Diamonds has a new album coming out in April called Froot, so naturally, the whole design and look is fruit-themed. But not boring fruit themed - rainbow neon, almost space-like, slot fruit themed. It's electric and fun and reminiscent of days playing MarioKart's Rainbow Road and constantly flying off the edges into space. Oh was that last weekend? Anywaysss...


I love how committed she gets into each album's look. I read somewhere that she likes things to be packaged and branded nicely which comes out in her own work with each album really having it's own look and feel - and not just musically, but visually which is something a designer can really appreciate. She is releasing a "fruit of the month" which features a new song from her album each month before its release. Plus, the vinyl release will feature 6 discs each with their own scratch-and-sniff covers. She knows the way to my five-year-old heart. 

Listen to her first single "Froot" below!