Brand • Kaysen Photography

GUYS! I'm so excited. So I worked with my very talented friend Christian Kaysen on rebranding his photography business (Kaysen Photography) and posted a few teaser pics ALL the way back in January. I was waiting for him to take a pictures of all the printed pieces so I could share here. And I waited. And waited. And waited until I finally gave up thinking maybe he deep down didn't love the rebranding as much as he said he did. And then, to my surprise, I was browsing his site today and FOUND THE PICS! He posted them back in April. I'm too excited to see and share them that I don't even care it took me more than half a year to notice. So take a look at how everything came together! Really proud of this set. Of course he can photograph anything and make it look amazing. 

And if you're in need of a photographer, you could do no better than Kaysen Photography. Just take a look at his work and see for yourself. Not to mention it's always a pleasure working with him. 


Brand • Jeremy Armstrong {Creative Content}

In order to create a brand that truly reflects someone and  what they do, you have to somewhat know them. That's why you meet with your potential clients, correspond with them, understand what they are drawn to with examples and pins on Pinterest, etc. The great thing about creating brands for friends, is that you can often skip ahead to the creating part. This was definitely the case when creating this look for my friend (and co-worker), Jeremy. Jeremy has been the managing editor at Worship Leader for nearly a decade. I've had the pleasure of designing the magazine for the past 3 years now, so needless to say, I've learned to anticipate how he might react to a certain design or layout when I present an idea for his opinion or feedback. 

So when he said he needed a logo to help promote his side freelance venture as a content creator for other businesses and organizations, it came together pretty quickly. He knew he wanted to use a typewriter font for his name and the rest fell into place. I expanded the idea of the typewriter and ink which translated into splatters and washes to create an overall look that is classically vintage yet still clean and modern.

Here is the branding sheet! So excited to move into business cards and more with the look! Stay tuned :) 


Brand • Kaysen Photography

When our good friend and extremely talented photographer, Christian, first came to me to work with him on rebranding his business I was beyond honored and excited. He has very clean, minimalist, but also creative taste and vision so I knew whatever we settled on would make a statement and I think this does exactly that and then some. It's modern and clean with just the right hint of edginess. Below is just the front of the business card (photo courtesy of Christian via Instagram), his homepage, and the branding sheet. Can't wait to show the thank you cards, envelopes, stickers, and more! Check out his amazing work on his website: