Music Monday: Marina & the Diamonds • "Froot"

It's been awhile since i've done a Music Monday but this one is special because I'm equally featuring it for it's superb design and marketing campaign. Marina and the Diamonds has a new album coming out in April called Froot, so naturally, the whole design and look is fruit-themed. But not boring fruit themed - rainbow neon, almost space-like, slot fruit themed. It's electric and fun and reminiscent of days playing MarioKart's Rainbow Road and constantly flying off the edges into space. Oh was that last weekend? Anywaysss...


I love how committed she gets into each album's look. I read somewhere that she likes things to be packaged and branded nicely which comes out in her own work with each album really having it's own look and feel - and not just musically, but visually which is something a designer can really appreciate. She is releasing a "fruit of the month" which features a new song from her album each month before its release. Plus, the vinyl release will feature 6 discs each with their own scratch-and-sniff covers. She knows the way to my five-year-old heart. 

Listen to her first single "Froot" below! 

Music Monday: Alt-J • "The Gospel of John Hurt"

I really have no idea what this song about but it sure is cool to listen to. Let me help you ease into your Monday morning with a little Alt-J. 

And just for fun and because I know you're dying to know, my "alt" name is: ˚冈´ ˜ø´¬. (Hold down the "alt" key and type your name.)

And for the record, "alt-j" is really ∆ if you type it. Now you know. 

Music Monday • Lana Del Rey "West Coast"

Lana Del Rey is back with a new single called "West Coast" and its subdued and quiet sexiness quickly draws you in, as Del Rey never fails to do.  Her new album, Ultraviolence, is due out later this year and apparently she has been working on it with The Black Key's Dan Auerbach. Interesting indeed. Looking forward to it. Until then... enjoying the single :) 

Music Monday • Tom Odell "Another Love (Zwette Edit)"

You know those days where it all starts wrong and it never really recovers? It just keeps getting worse? Well maybe those things would be no big deal if your day didn't start on a downhill slope. But since you're already rolling, each thing is like a nice little rock to jostle you around once more just when you think you've regained control. 

Anywayssss. Days like those is where I need to be saved and distracted by music. This song did just that for me last week. Thank you Tom Odell and remix geniuses.