Wedding • Blush Ombre Watercolor Invites

I posted a sneak peak of these blush ombre watercolor invites a couple weeks ago and I finally got around to printing and taking pictures! I'm obsessed with envelope liners so of course had to include a black and cream chrysanthemum pattern here.

OH and and and I made my own envelope! I didn't have one in the size with the right color I needed so I made one. I know. I'm shocked too. Because even though I consider myself a creative person, crafty is a whole other ball game that I'm not particularly skilled in. I'm like the kid in the outfield picking dandelions without a clue or care in the world, but every once in a while I surprise everyone, including myself, with a decent play. Because I might have to admit that my first run at the cutting and glueing of said envelope, I ended up gluing the wrong sides of the envelope flaps, and then I ended up glueing the open top flap down instead of the bottom one. See? Picking dandelions. Good thing my husband is way more patient and better with glue than I am. He recovered the mess. But I still consider it a team effort. 

This design is coming to the shop soon! 

Wedding • Blush Ombre Watercolor Invite

It's always bittersweet when your non-favorite design is chosen when designing custom work. Well, i should say at first it's bitter because I'm like noooo not that one! I shouldn't even have included it as an option!  But then I get over it and find it cool and neat that they saw something in one of the designs that maybe I didn't see or appreciate before. It all works out :)  

But what about those non-chosen designs? Sometimes they have run their course, but sometimes I like them too much to go to waste. Here is one of those designs. I liked the softness and prettiness of the blush/ombre watercolor background. I'm usually not a "pink" person but this is understated and balanced out by the classic black typography so it doesn't get overly "girly" - which it could easily do with all the hearts too. The overall effect is a rustic elegance in my opinion. 

I'm also sort of in love with this script font too called Cenizas - it has a handwritten feel to it, while still maintaing it's elegance with just the right amount of freedom. I know it might not be everyone's cup of tea but I like the overall feel it conveys. 

This is just a digital version of it, but I've already picked out some envelopes and black and cream floral envelope liners that will complete it. The whole set will be posted soon! 

The "chosen" design from this wedding invite set will be posted soon as well! :) 


Tutorial • Essie Nail Polish Favors

Sooo you know those peoples who get like 50-100+ likes on a status update or Instagram and your thought process goes one of two ways. Either you're like, "Psh, i got more than that on my last post," in which case, you can just skip all this because you won't possibly understand and decide I'm pathetic. Or, you're like me, and your baffled. You ask yourself, "But how?! Seriously, how? How many followers do they have? How did they get so many? Do people think I'm lame?" I'm excited if the little number switches to showing names to showing how many likes it has. Ah the little things in life. 

Those thoughts are true, but I promise I don't have a deep insecurity via social media or anything. When it really comes down to it, you post something because it captures a moment. And even though we post to share those moments, I believe they are just as much for ourselves. It's fun to look back through your feeds and remember little everyday snippets. 


I say all this to prove how astonishing it was to get almost 5,000 re-pins on one of my photos (shown above). And, I understand that 5,000 is barely a ripple in the massive sea known as Pinterest, but it was exciting nonetheless. I created something that others were interested in and appreciated. So, in honor of that, I recreated a short tutorial here in case anyone wants to try it out! It's super easy and it's a favor that guests will actually be excited about and want to take home and use. 

I suggest buying the nail polish and nail files on Amazon. Much cheaper. And if you want me to update these cute tags with your own initials and date, contact me! These tags are actually part of a complete bridal shower set including the main invite, advice for the bride cards, bridal trivia card, thank you card, and of course, the thank you tags. The set is customizable -  if you need them in navy, pink, or another color to match your shower, I would be happy to update them for you! Check out my shop if you're interested!

Nail Polish Favors - Materials.jpg
These are the mini emory boards I used and the thank you tags are designed by me!

These are the mini emory boards I used and the thank you tags are designed by me!

So, let's get started!

Things you need: 

Nail Polish
Emory Boards - I found these on Amazon and I think they are pretty much the same as the ones we found at a local beauty shop
Thank You tags
Mini Hole Punch

Step One: 
Cut out the tags. I like to cut them out in squares and then carefully cut out the circle. 

Step Two: 
Punch a small hole to the side so it doesn't cut into the main design. 

Nail Polish Favors - Steps 1-2.jpg

Step Three: 
Cut your twine. I suggest cutting each piece about 12 inches long. 

Step Four: 
Layout your twine and place the emory board in the center, and then place the nail polish on top. Wrap the twine around the nail polish and emory board twice and tie a knot at the front. If you're having trouble keeping the polish and board together, a piece of double sided tape can help keep them together as you tie. 

Nail Plosh Favors - Steps 3-4.jpg

Step Five: 
Place the thank you tag on one of the loose ends and tie another knot. Make sure you position the tag before you really tie it down.

Step Six: 
Trim the loose ends to the desired length. 

Nail Polish Favors - Steps 5-6.jpg

And that's it! Aren't they cute? And it's so easy to customize colors to match your event. 

Nail Polish Favors - finished.jpg

Save the Dates • Karianna & Scott

You know how your friends' younger siblings stay the same age forever? In your mind they are always that cute but pestering little person that always wanted to play the games you were playing, watching whatever you were watching, etc.  But then that moment - that somewhat shocking moment - comes when you realize that they have in fact aged. Gasp. And not only that, but you really weren't that much older than them to begin with. I guess adult life tends to continually bridge the age-gap.


I didn't know Karianna growing up and I only met her brother in high school but she was still a couple years younger than us. So when she - and others in grades younger than us - announced she and her finance were engaged, it was a little bit of that gasp moment - but in the best way. Jon and I were so excited to hear the news and are so happy for this wonderful couple! So I was beyond honored and excited when I was asked to do the save the dates and wedding invites!

Kari knew she liked and wanted a laurel wreath of some sort with their initials inside, and also liked the idea of kraft paper. Her brother, Christian, took their gorgeous engagement pictures on the beach so we incorporated some of the design elements we talked about but decided on a two-sided approach so no writing or design would overlap and interfere with the picture. One of her wedding colors is a coral shade so we used that on the backside with a heart pattern. I always think a backside and pop of color makes invites extra special :)

Congrats Kari & Scott!