Dreamy Boho Baby Shower

This project was SUCH a joy to work on.  The moment Kelly reached out and told me "hot pink, feathers, bohemian, and dream catchers" I got beyond excited to get started. I started with the dream catcher which I knew had to be adorned with pretty watercolor flowers. From there everything fell into place with whimsical calligraphy and bight color palette reminiscent of a Indian sunset. 

Once the invites were done, we brainstormed on day-of details which included banner signage, menus, placecards, cocktail signs and more. Kelly worked magic pulling all the details together (follow her event design, home, & lifestyle Instagram @peacedesignco for styling tips!) and Love This Photography captured it all so beautifully! I was honored to work alongside these ladies on this special project! Excuse my iPhone pictures of the invites, but then revel in the amazingness of Love This Photography's day-of photos! :) 


Wedding • Blush Ombre Watercolor Invites

I posted a sneak peak of these blush ombre watercolor invites a couple weeks ago and I finally got around to printing and taking pictures! I'm obsessed with envelope liners so of course had to include a black and cream chrysanthemum pattern here.

OH and and and I made my own envelope! I didn't have one in the size with the right color I needed so I made one. I know. I'm shocked too. Because even though I consider myself a creative person, crafty is a whole other ball game that I'm not particularly skilled in. I'm like the kid in the outfield picking dandelions without a clue or care in the world, but every once in a while I surprise everyone, including myself, with a decent play. Because I might have to admit that my first run at the cutting and glueing of said envelope, I ended up gluing the wrong sides of the envelope flaps, and then I ended up glueing the open top flap down instead of the bottom one. See? Picking dandelions. Good thing my husband is way more patient and better with glue than I am. He recovered the mess. But I still consider it a team effort. 

This design is coming to the shop soon! 

Wedding • Blush Ombre Watercolor Invite

It's always bittersweet when your non-favorite design is chosen when designing custom work. Well, i should say at first it's bitter because I'm like noooo not that one! I shouldn't even have included it as an option!  But then I get over it and find it cool and neat that they saw something in one of the designs that maybe I didn't see or appreciate before. It all works out :)  

But what about those non-chosen designs? Sometimes they have run their course, but sometimes I like them too much to go to waste. Here is one of those designs. I liked the softness and prettiness of the blush/ombre watercolor background. I'm usually not a "pink" person but this is understated and balanced out by the classic black typography so it doesn't get overly "girly" - which it could easily do with all the hearts too. The overall effect is a rustic elegance in my opinion. 

I'm also sort of in love with this script font too called Cenizas - it has a handwritten feel to it, while still maintaing it's elegance with just the right amount of freedom. I know it might not be everyone's cup of tea but I like the overall feel it conveys. 

This is just a digital version of it, but I've already picked out some envelopes and black and cream floral envelope liners that will complete it. The whole set will be posted soon! 

The "chosen" design from this wedding invite set will be posted soon as well! :)