As with any part of planning a wedding or event, the process can be overwhelming. If you see all these invites on Pinterest but confused by the sheer number of options, or simply don't even know where to start - it's okay!  I will help walk you though each step, educate you on different print and paper options, and we'll find something that works within your budget. 

Judge a wedding by it's invite 

You know how everyone, despite the saying, judges a book by it's cover (or a wine by the label design - I know I'm not alone here)? Your invites are the same. The invites are often your guest's very first impression of your event. Whether your wedding is a black tie event or a casual barefoot beach ceremony, your invites will help tell your story and subtly communicate to your guests the experience they get to look forward to. 

A lot goes into the final product. Below is a breakdown of the process and what do expect. 



1. the budget   

I'm going to start here because the first question I always get is "How much would it cost for .... " which is completely understandable! You want to know right off the bat if this whole custom design route will be worth it, right? But it's a very difficult question to answer without knowing more information. So many things can affect the price such as how many sets you'll need, the print method used, how many pieces, envelopes, etc. 

So I often ask brides, well, what's your budget for invites? To be honest, I rarely get a straight answer here. And I understand why - you never want to spend more than you need or have to, and often you may have no idea what the ball park ranges can be. This is why I've created this questionnaire. If you're looking for a ball park custom quote, fill this out and I will get back to you! 


2. The design

Once we're on the same page with pricing, the fun part begins! This is when we get to work together to create something that captures the details of your day that you have already put so much effort in with your wedding planner, florist, venue, etc. 


We can meet up or chat over the phone so I can understand your vision. Any examples of invites you like are super helpful here! I will take those images and create a Pinterest inspiration board that we will go over to solidify a direction. 

Initial Concepts & Design 

Once I have a strong direction, I will create 2-3 different concepts ranging in layouts, styles, and fonts. This usually includes full mock-ups so you can see how it would all come together. From here, you can mix and match elements that you like until we get the beautiful, final product!

Final Product

Once we land on the final design, I will either send you final high-resolution PDFs to print yourself or with a printer of your choosing. Or you can sit back and relax while I work out the details with my printer to bring our vision to life! 


3. The print process

The print method is typically the number one influencer of budget and price. My design price stays the same whether you are willing to spend $1,000+ for letterpress and foil printing, versus standard flat printing. The reason being, it's the same amount of time/work on my end. But for the printer, whether you go the letterpress route or standard flat print route, the time and cost varies greatly. So what's the difference exactly?

I typically divide my print quotes into 3 different options: 


Basically you want to keep the invites as low cost as possible. This uses a standard flat print on smooth matte paper. Nothing fancy but still very nice and a MILLION times better than printing at home or say, Staples. Just no. Please don't do that. 


This is a step up from the Economical version with beautiful cotton paper that is pretty and soft to the touch. It has a romantic feel to it while still being very cost-effective. 


With this option, you're willing to pull out all the stops and really "Wow" your guests. This includes fancy print methods such as letterpress, foil printing, die cutting, metallic inks, screen prints. This option includes unique papers and materials such as wood printing. 

If you're not sure which print method is right for you, just ask me and I'll point you in the right direction. If you're in the area, I would love to meet up and show you different samples. I can also mail out paper and print samples for serious prospective clients. 




So now you have printed invites in hand! Now what? Before you just stuff them into the envelope, let's talk details. Below is list of extra services or items you may want to consider to bring the invite set together before delivery. 

  • Envelopes: A colored envelope can go a long way! You'll need a main invite envelope and possibly also an envelope for the RSVP card
  • Envelope Liner: A fun touch that makes a statement as soon as the envelope is opened!
  • Belly Band: A piece of colored paper or unique design that wraps around your invite set.
  • Ribbon: A piece of ribbon adds a pretty detail to wrap all the pieces together 
  • Postage Stamps: Custom postage stamps are a gorgeous touch. At the very least go to your local post office and pick out a unique option that matches your set.
  • Wax Seal: Nothing says romantic like a custom wax seal! Choose from lots of different wax colors to match your set.
  • Main Envelope printing: Print your guests addresses + return address in a font and style that matches your invite. No crazy calligraphy costs needed! Message me for details on envelope printing.
  • RSVP Envelope Printing or Stamp: Create a custom stamp for your return address that you can use beyond your wedding invites! Or I can print RSVP envelopes along with your main envelope printing. 

Assembly Time

Invite assembly is typically not included but I'd be happy to provide a price estimate on your set. My suggestion is to grab a few bridesmaids (or groomsmen - they can lick the envelopes :P) and create an assembly line. It will go much quicker the more help you have! I can provide a fully assembled invite for reference if needed. 

Interested in a custom invitation suite? Fill out the inquiry below!